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Magistrates OK parks, rec resolution with city

Wednesday, March 08, 2017 - Updated: 8:51 AM

After tabling discussion during a Feb. 21 fiscal court meeting on entering into an interlocal agreement with the City of Cadiz to form a joint Parks and Recreation Department, Trigg County Magistrates voted on Monday to enter into the proposed agreement without additional discussion on the floor.

District 3 Magistrate John Gray moved to approve the resolution that would form the committee and allow Judge-Executive Hollis Alexander to act on the fiscal court's behalf; District 1 Magistrate Mike Wright offered his second, and the resolution passed without opposition.

Last month, magistrates cited concerns on a proposed project to construct a new multi-use practice facility at the Trigg County Recreation Complex that would fall under the umbrella of the new parks and recreation committee. Among questions surrounding the agreement were future upkeep expense and clauses that allow for either the city or county to discontinue its participation with written notice some worried could leave the county responsible for a building on its property without future assistance. The county had determined after that meeting to hold a session with Cadiz City Council before moving forward.

While representatives from the city attended Monday's fiscal court meeting to express support, no discussion took place on the floor before the vote.

Resident Garry Wayne Curtis, an outspoken opponent to the building project, posed questions before the court including location of the building and concerns about who would oversee operations.

"I've got a bunch of questions that need to be answered before they build this building out there," Curtis told the court. "Why are they going to build it out at the complex? Why can't they find, buy land closer to town, in the city limits and build this building out there? â ¦ Another thing, how come Bill Stevens (Tourism d is going to have to fund some of this? And then who's going to head this building? If y'all put money in it, who's going to be the head honcho, as they call it? Is it going to be the city, is it going to be the county or is it going to be Tourism? It can't be all three."

Alexander told Curtis the court had approved a resolution to join the parks and recreation committee, but no vote had been conducted on the suggested building construction as of yet.

"We hadn't passed anything to build anything," Alexander said. "Not to say that there's not going to be a building built, but we just passed a resolution. You and I can't solve the debate on where it should be or where it shouldn't be, but we haven't passed anything tonight other than 'we're joining with the city to create a parks and recreation commission in talks of building a building.' Nobody's trying to hide under anything there, it's been very transparent, very open that there's been talks about a building."

City Clerk Brian Ahart addressed concerns that the city had already hired a director to head the committee, prior to entering into an interlocal agreement forming it.

"Part of the reason he was hired when he was is due to the fact that TCYAA (Trigg County Youth Athletic Association) had dried up, there wasn't going to be anyone -- unless you did put it back on to Dickie (Harris), and I don't know if any of you had talked to Dickie about taking over the youth program, but he was not in favor of it -- but you would have had 250-300 kids that would have gotten a very late start to the program this summer or maybe not gotten to play ball at all. â ¦ The parks and rec department is going help in a lot more ways than just at the Complex. It's going to help with several ideas that come to mind, like the skate parks and different things here in city limits that'll help with the kids that don't have transportation to the Complex readily available."

Wright said he felt that many unanswered questions on the building project would come to a resolve once the parks board had been formed.

"That's the board that will decide how big the building is going to be and what it's going to be used for and all the questions about the building will be decided then," Wright said. "So it's a little early. It's great to give ideas and put your opinions out there, but â ¦ that's when all those questions will be answered."

The City of Cadiz had not yet approved the resolution to join the effort as of Monday, but the matter was scheduled on the city council agenda for Tuesday night. Results from an official vote were unavailable as of press time Tuesday.

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