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Magistrate concerned over bypass intersection safety

Wednesday, April 19, 2017 - Updated: 2:06 AM
BY MARY GARRISON MINYARD Contributing writer

A Trigg County magistrate has raised concerns on the safety of the intersection of Highway 68/80 and South Road.

District 5 Magistrate John Gray said he'd received a number of questions concerning the intersection, and had personally witnessed near collisions at that location. A Dawson Springs man was killed Easter Sunday after pulling out in front of oncoming traffic, according to Kentucky State Police reports. It's something Gray would like to stop.

"I'm getting a lot of â ¦ feedback on the 68/139 bypass," Gray said.

"This weekend, having two wrecks and one fatality, it's just very dangerous there. I've almost pulled out in front of someone myself. I saw Saturday, almost a collision, with someone turning in front of someone, and the other person was most definitely speeding so that contributed to it. I myself have met people on my side of the road, had people pass and stay on that side of the road. â ¦ There's just a lot of people says it's very confusing there."

The intersection is under state construction bid, which Gray said he understood, but questioned why contractors had not finished the intersection prior to other work.

Trigg County Judge-Executive Hollis Alexander said he would contact the District 1 Office of the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet to see if the county had additional safety options.

"We'll contact the district office and the construction company as well and see if possibly they can do some extra caution lights there or something," Alexander said. "(Maybe) some of those side of the road flashers or something at least to get people's attention, maybe slow people down. â ¦ It'll certainly probably require a light there once they get the road done."

In other business, magistrates have committed to assist Trigg County Clerk Carmen Finley's office in reorganizing voter registration records. Finley presented names and addresses to each magistrate for their respective districts, Monday, in hopes of updating information on file.

"Since we don't have an election this year, we're trying to clean up our records a little bit," Finley said. So, what I've got for you all is a list of your constituents in your district. If you can look through it, and if you see that somebody has moved or passed away, if you would note that. Maybe put a P if they've passed away, if they've moved put an M, and if you know where they've moved to that would be great.

Finley said the county couldn't officially change the records, but staff would submit the new information to the Kentucky Secretary of State's office for change. Magistrates will submit updated information to Finley's office by June 1.

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