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When submitting an engagement announcement, if the wedding date has not been set, announcements must state the anticipated month or season of the year, not to exceed 12 months. A professional quality black/white or color photo of the bride-to-be or couple may be submitted. A wallet size or larger can be used for engagement announcements. If we judge the photo to be inferior in quality or taste, we may refuse it.

After publication, photos hand delivered must be picked up at The Cadiz Record no later than one month after publication; or they can be returned by mail if a self-addressed, stamped envelope (of matching size) is provided. Any photo not picked up within one month of publication may be discarded and we are no longer responsible.

There will be a $45 fee assessed for all engagement announcements.

Announcements may be mailed to either The Cadiz Record, P O Box 1670, Cadiz, KY 42211; or hand-delivered to 58 Nunn Blvd, Cadiz, KY. Office hours are 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday-Friday. For additional information, telephone 270-522-6605

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